Lorde: about me

My name is Ayoola Olatundun Seliat. I am 19years old. I like to go by the name Lorde, people often see this as me maybe plagiarizing Lorde (artiste) or me being fond of her. I do love Lorde very much, and she was one of the reasons I stuck to it, but this name came about when I decided to name myself the opposite or rather feminine title of my ex-boyfriend, he goes by the name Lord… Probably still does, anyways I stuck to the name because it became a meaningful part of my life. I am a historian. I am also a fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. My blog is a reflection of me and what I want to achieve in life. I always tell myself it’s a starting point, and the foundation of my dreams, the road and journey as been tough as I feel like when am about to achieve something, life throws something else at me, but this has only made me know more about myself and my strengths during the past years. I am a very determined and ambitious person, I don’t believe in failure( incase you didn’t know am also really book smart) as for personal life and relationships. I may or may not be in a relationship, I want the best partner God could ever give me and am taking my time to figure this out. I am not a very emotional person, because I do not like to be vulnerable to anyone. I believe that vulnerability to someone gives them the opportunity to either lift you up or leave you down and talking from experience most people leave you down rather than lift you up. My blog is an extension of myself, so welcome to my life.


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