How I styled an oversized vintage shirt

Hello guys, I am currently sitting down here thinking of what to have for dinner. Just finished telling my friend how much I need a boyfriend or more like a robot that is my boyfriend and does everything I want, doesn’t complain, always there for me, believes in me, understands me and also has only eyes for me. Wishful thinking of course but I wouldn’t mind if it actually comes through, because in this day and time boyfriends are more like a liability than an asset. Moving on from my wishful thinking to my oversized vintage shirt.
I know how weird it sounds styling an oversized vintage shirt especially because a vintage shirt is usually big and all( of course not your size) but I decided that this was going to be how to style an oversized vintage shirt because this vintage shirt is 4-5 times my size and when I collected it from a friend I didn’t know it was that big. I planned on never wearing it but it is kind of hard to ignore a vintage shirt in your favorite color so I decided again I was going to find something that actually works without looking like I was thrown into a bag.

Like I said in my previous post in my purple pants, you should expect as much pants from me as possible. Fortunately from me I was gifted this lovely lace up purple pants by my sister. I was so happy when she gave me especially because of the lace by the side. I thought the best thing to pair with this pants would be a fit crop top, so after several minutes of trying different crop tops, I finally found the perfect cream crop top. After that I just threw on my vintage shirt, it still looked a bit weird so I tied it. I wasn’t looking for a casual vintage outfit I wanted to add something more interesting. So I added three of my most precious things my white slip-on, my denim hat and stolen shades from my sister’s room.

Finally my mini bag “Roberto, Italy ” so obsessed with this bag and the way I pronounce it, PRICELESS!!!


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