5 reasons why 2017 won’t be the last year for MULES

You can tell by my pretty face that I wasn’t always a mules fan, they were off for a little while. Back then, they seemed like something someone’s grandma would wear, why would a young pretty girl like me want to wear a backless shoe when I could wear a six feet heel? Why, why, why? The good thing about shoes is something that looks stupid might become trendy tomorrow, would I ask Sophia Webster why there’s a butterfly on my shoe, HELL NO!!! not in this life or the next, because our generation has come to understand that creativity comes in so many ways, as long as it looks great I don’t care if Sophia Webster or anyone else designs a snake like shoe even though am terrified of snakes, because the one thing am not terrified of is shoes except their prices which can be really terrifying. So yes! I hated mules (past tense) I now love mules (present tense) how could I not love mules, I also know they won’t be going anywhere, why?

Comfort: back in the days comfort wasn’t ideal, it wasn’t a necessity in fashion. People wore so much heavy sequins, it blinded their own eyes, and those heels were so fit and high you know. Now everybody just wants to look simple but stylish. Comfort is very important these days, you need comfort in your life, I need comfort in my life, we all do. Mules can do that for you. You want to walk in comfort, but you don’t want to wear some dumb slippers, get you a mule or mules as the case maybe. Don’t throw away those mules because you will be needing it in 2018, and if you don’t have invest in it now.

Way too stylish: mules are way too stylish to be gotten rid of. It’s backless! That’s all that the reason in one piece, BACKLESS. It makes you look unique and defined, it’s like a statement piece, a statement shoe!

Various designs, soles, height: comfortable, various designs, varieties of soles, could this get any better? Yes it does! it even has varieties of inches just incase you need more comfort or less comfort. You get to choose, you could get block soles for 100percent balance, you could get a tiny sole if you feel comfortable with it.

Goes with everything: mules go with everything, a gown, a skirt, sheer, sequins, jeans, whatever you want. It looks great on it all. I can’t wear my knee length boot with a long maxi skirt. I love things that serve me in varieties. It’s one of the shopping rules, investing money on pieces that are multipurpose. I’d rather buy two shoes I can wear on different clothes than 10 shoes I can only wear on specific clothes.

Trendy: as a fashion enthusiast I also get to make fashion predictions, like what might be trendy in three years to come, what people might be wearing in a certain season and all. That is why am telling you now that mules are here to stay, 10-20 years, they will definitely evolve into something else but a backless shoe is still a backless shoe. I hate mules but I love them now because they come in different colors, designs and even patterns, I can also tell you someone else will love them in the future for the same reasons.

These are 5 reasons why I know mules will still be trendy tomorrow, next month, next year, next two years. Tell me what you love about mules. Comment below


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