In my purple pants


Hello guys, it’s a new month tomorrow and am currently so overwhelmed with my circumstances. I am resuming school in the next three weeks. I haven’t been feeling well and now that I am I decided to put this up ASAP. You know how August used to be your best month in high school and stuff same here but now except from the fact that my sisters birthday is August, August isn’t my best month anymore because now school resumes on the 15th of August and this means I have to travel again, leave my family and most annoying of all leave Lagos.

What am wearing


Shirt: inherited from my sister

Pants: inherited from my sister

Shoes: Sergio Todzi

Purse: mum’s 90s collection

Except for the fact that am wearing my favorite pants at the moment, I am also digging this shirt which inherited from my sister. At first I wasn’t sure if I really liked the top, all I was sure about was that I wasn’t going to be wearing it as a normal shirt, I eventually didn’t. I almost abandoned it before I decided to wear it as off shoulder by unbuttoning the first three buttons and voila I turned a boring top into something I was digging and still am.

As for these pants, well pants have always been my thing, also inherited from my sister. I have always been so proud of my shape because I always look so good in pants. I am proud of my shape because I am not exactly proud of my small body everybody always thinks am like 10 years younger than my age, but it’s all good.


My purse is from my mom’s 90s collection which have been digging a lot so expect more from me and her or just me cause she would kill me if she finds out I took it.

 My shoes are the only thing that have not been inherited in this outfit, as usual am very proud of myself. I love putting together a gorgeous outfit I didn’t have to spend a dime on. Anyways my shoes are from Sergio Todzi

This post definitely has me wanting to get as much pants as I can get, especially cause I never wear skirts, I do try from time to time and I am currently trying to move out of my skinny jeans zone so yeah more pants to come!!!



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