5 things am giving up for a better life.

Currently listening: win some, lose some by Big Sean

Hello guys, I finally got to take my pictures! Taking advantage of a sunny day in Lagos, it’s been all rain and no sun, meanwhile I am sitting here wondering how much time has passed, I have just a few weeks to resumption. It feels just like yesterday when I also sat down wondering how i was going to spend my three months holiday, back then it felt like a year, I can’t believe am going to be leaving Lagos soon.

For some reason, I feel like denim has now become a thing for me, I have so many other posts of denim coming up, I could pass for a denim ambassador or not. Anyways since am talking about the things have given up for a better life, I better get to it.

Doubting myself: “doubt your doubts before you doubt yourself.”  I am a victim of doubt guys, is there someone that really isn’t, I just feel like some people can overcome these doubts, while some people get caught up in it, can I do this? Is this even possible? Do I deserve this? I have a friend, she doubts herself a lot, she’s one of the people I need to get strong for, because I would be a hypocrite whenever I tell she needs to stop doubting her strengths, when I practically do the same, so I know you would be reading this and also to everyone else reading this, with all the strength in this world, you can’t move a small chair if you don’t try to, you cant move it with your mind. In this life you need to fight, and one of those things you need to fight is doubting yourself, you can either sit down there asking yourself if you can do it or you can get up, make up your mind and do it, because I choose not to feel sorry for you or for me.

Bad relationships: am also a victim of bad relationships, have had clothes longer than have had relationships am embarrassed to say that shit but have been working on myself and I choose not to settle for less be it intimate relationships or friendship, as long as it is unhealthy am giving it up. I cant do this all alone. Some people in your life doubt you, they don’t support or encourage you, you don’t need people like this in your life, at least I don’t. The kind of people you surround yourself with goes a long way in achieving your dreams. I am giving up wasting my time on people who don’t deserve it.

Self-defeating self talk: Three years ago, after I had just graduated from high school I went for a seminar in Lagos, it’s a seminar about how to succeed in life, at that time I never really paid so much attention to it, fortunately for me we were given some books, which I never really open till now. Am very glad I still have it and got to read it. I honestly am not a fan of motivational books, but I was really bored and I decided to read it, after reading it I started paying more attention to how my mind works. Self defeating self talks is of our own making, a man cannot and will not rise above the level of his thoughts. Progress starts from the mind. So yes am giving up self defeating talks of failure, fear or defeat and you should too

Limitations: whether I think I can or think I can’t, either ways am right. For the past years i feel like have been putting limitations on my strengths, this is like setting boundaries for how far I can go. I have been in my comfort zone for way too long and am stepping out as a brand new person.

Impressing people: I am giving up on living on other peoples expectations, trying to impress people drains you. Many people would want you to be something you’re not and I will never be happy doing what other people want. I can only be happy doing what makes me happy, so yes I am done making people happy, because my happiness matters too.

What i am wearing

Hat: thrifted

Top: thrifted

Denim wrap skirt: Republic

Shoes: Euro Soft by Sofft

Bag: thrifted

These are the things am giving up on for a better life. What are you giving up on?


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