Foundation × Concealer

Hello guys, Ramadan has just finished and am really excited I don’t have to fast anymore. I have grown really thin after all the fasting I need to regain all have lost. I want to talk a bit about the foundation and concealer am obsessed with. The Maybelline fit me foundation and Kleanista stick concealer.

I have never used a maybelline product before but I think I am going to stick to this makeup line, I would like to get more products from the makeup line. I got the fit me foundation from my sister, it wasn’t her color so she asked if i wanted it, though I had never used it before, as a beauty blogger i am always open to trying new products. I really loved the packaging so it took me a lot of time to open it up and use it, I didn’t want to ruin it. I was going out few weeks ago, when I realized my normal foundation had finished so I decided to try the maybelline fit me foundation and now I don’t want to use anything else. It fits my face perfectly and blends so well, I am totally in love with it. I have never used a foundation that blends so well with my face and good thing is it lasts!!! Still came back home after like 14hours and my makeup was still intact.

The second product is the Kleanista stick concealer. As weird as this sound I got this concealer last year, I didn’t use it until now, I ordered it online because of the packaging but never knew it was a stick concealer. I dislike stick concealers, I am not a fan at all. Immediately the product was delivered I knew I wasn’t going to be using it. The la girl concealer I got isn’t what I wanted, I normally use Toffee but that wasn’t available in the local store I usually bought it from, so I decided to buy Almond instead but it’s just way to bright for my face and I don’t like it at all. I decided to try this Kleanista stick concealer which I was very skeptical about because apart from being a stick concealer, it is also very cheap. To my surprise, i ended up loving it. It concealed my pimples spot and also highlighted my face well and have been using it since. I really love what it does to my face and how much effect it has even with it being so inexpensive and that’s the end of the article. Which products are you loving right now? Comment below


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