Denim in Distress

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             Hello guys!!! I have been away for days, going up and down for my 7days tour around Lagos, I haven’t really had time to edit all those pictures and even write something on them, I decided to edit this ones and tell you a little bit about what am wearing (BTW this is where the famous Cathedral is located CMS, Lagos State.) I almost titled this post, “damsel in distress” but I don’t really know if I can call myself a damsel, like is that okay? Anyways I ended up going for denim in distress. Before i start though, let’s talk a bit about how my week has been. To be honest, I feel so physically tired, but I still have high spirit and that’s what has kept me going, I recently got the opportunity to actually write for allwomenstalk, after writing all this time in community, I finally get to be paid, have been putting all my energy( drake’s energy just came up, LOL) into that and of course my blog too, it’s crazy mehn. Trying to balance it all, plus I kind of feel like a lot of people these days feel entitled to my time and they just never understand that all I do is go up and down trying to make stuffs happen, with the everyday rain in Lagos it’s so hard to get anything done. In summary, my week was stressful but the silver lining is the fact that am doing what I love and am happY

This is CMS, I am finally admitting to being really shy( EXTRA EXTRA SHY) People were just looking at me like what’s wrong with this one. It was really uncomfortable, I was just standing there trying to act like someone wasn’t actually taking pictures of me, the only good thing is I would do anything for perfect pictures, I really had no choice cause I wasn’t going to walk out of that place with no pictures that’s so wrong, like as wrong as not having cheese in my pizza, is that even possible? Just kill me instead 

Do you love my distressed denim jacket, because I am so obsessed with it at the moment. I thrifted the jacket from sellers by the road for just 600 Naira, I am so clapping for myself right now. I distressed it myself though, I had already pictured the look when I was buying it, so I got home and started distressing dem jeans. It took me like five hours (shouldn’t have taken this long but I was resting a lot, LOL) and a couple of finger wounds, but am good, cause I felt so hot wearing it. I accessorized a lot in this look at least for me, because I never really do. I accessorize according to the way am feeling and I was feeling really sexy so… Talking about my sandals in my next post, it’s a collaboration with my new favorite person, post would be up soon. So please check back, thank you for reading xoxo Lorde.

famous cathedral cms​


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