Rules to abide by when shopping for sunglasses.

Currently listening to: Dark Sky Paradise (the album) by Big Sean.

I am still thanking Big Sean for this awesome album from 2015 till date. This album has saved me countless times, his struggles and how he puts it into his music just makes you want to get up every morning and go get that money, go make your dreams happen, for some of us who see music beyond what other people think it is would surely relate. Music is life, I can’t explain what it has done for me.

I decided to share a few things have learned from reading allwomenstalk articles. Allwomenstalk is an app for people all around the world to write articles about something they love, or know very well about. It’s like having a blog. It’s really good for bloggers, you get to learn new things everyday from different perspectives. You can follow me.

Unfortunately here in Lagos it’s been all rain and so little sun, if it’s the same where you are you can just see this as preparing for the sunny days. Plus I don’t think I need sun to shop for sunglasses, as long as I have the money I’d shop for sunglasses even if it’s raining ice.

# rule no 1
Face shape: for many years I thought I had a round face instead of an oval face, in my defense they are pretty similar and easy to mix up. You need to know your face shape. This is really important, because certain face shapes go very well with certain frames.
Round faces go well with square or rectangular frames
Square face shapes go well with round or oval frames
Heart face shapes go well with round or oval frames
Diamond face shapes go well with oval frames too
Long (oblong) face shapes go well with oversized square frames
Lastly, oval face shapes goes well with most styles of sunglasses so if you have an oval face shape like I do thumbs up because we are permitted to rock it all.

#rule no 2
Skin tone and skin color: Be aware of your skin tone and skin color. Don’t just go around shopping without using your skin tone or skin color as an advantage, knowing your skin tone and color makes it easier and faster to shop, especially when you are shopping online, just because something looks really nice on the model doesn’t mean it will look the same on you. So are you dark skinned or fair skinned? Are you warm toned or do you have a cooler tone?
Dark skinned people will most likely go well with dark shades
Fair skinned people should definitely try bright and light shades
In terms of color of the shades, if you’re warm toned try bronze or brown colors of shades
Cooler tones should try black, blue or grey color of shades.

#rule no 3
Face size: do you have a large or small face? If you have a small face, say no to extra big frames no matter how nice they are, because you just end up looking like an alien from some other planet. If you have a large face try as much as possible to avoid little or tiny frames as this won’t do you any good.

#rule no 4
Move out of your comfort zone: be open to different choices, trying out only one type of frame get boring forget rule no 1 and try something different you never know, it might end up looking great on you, or a different color from the usual.

I hope this was helpful, till next time.


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