GEL VS LIQUID EYELINERS: which is best for you

Hello guys, once again today am publishing my second post. My first post was tips and tricks for the perfect winged eyeliner. Since I am a little bit late to the party of Gel liners, I have been obsessing over them. I have read a couple of articles about the both for the past few days and I decided to take a few pictures and make a post about it. For whether I like either of them best, I would say they both serve different purposes, so I do like both.


I have been using this for the past 4 to 5 years now and even though I still have shaky hands sometimes, I have mastered the act and am pretty good at it now. It is very nice for cat eyes, wings and at the end it gives you a perfect line and a glossy finish, but this isn’t great if you have shaky hands,{ tricks to stop shaky hands } If you make a little mistake while your hands are shaking, it becomes a hot mess and also you can never use it on your waterline (never) did this once it burned my eyes and for a few seconds it was hard to open or even close my eyes, I literally danced around and cried maybe. I wouldn’t really recommend this for someone that’s new to the eyeliner game, other than that the liquid eyeliner is pretty nice and doesn’t smudge.


This has to be my favorite eyeliner. It’s so easy to work with and you can also play with it a little. It’s really suitable for beginners and super flexible. This lasts 24 hours thing is no joke, last time I used it, I was begging it to clean off my eyes. I also like this because it can be used on the waterline, it doesn’t burn your eyes like the liquid does, however it does smudge.

I recommend that you have both, eyeliners are very inexpensive and makes your makeup pop so it always nice to have it in your makeup collection even the pencil eyeliner which I don’t really fancy that much, but I do have it for times I might need it. So which eyeliners do you like best? Comment below
If you haven’t since my post on the tips and tricks of a perfect winged eyeliner click the link above or click previous post below. Thank you, xoxo Lorde


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