5 skirts you should ditch skinny jeans for this summer.

Hello guys!!! It’s Monday again, I hope you had a lovely weekend. I made this blog post because have realized how easy it is for us to get stuck with skinny jeans and even trousers as a whole, jeans or not. I never used to wear skirts, till today 70% of my clothes are trousers especially in school to avoid being later than usual to class( I am always late) top and trousers is like my uniform, because it’s the easiest thing to wear when you don’t have time to figure out what to wear and I have come to realize I am not the only one who those this but everyone around me, my friends, my course mates, my mom, and even my sisters to work. Everyone is probably just trying to get the shit done, go to work and come back safely without wearing something you might get criticized for. Same thing goes for me, I just want to go to class and come back and if I start picking some skirt, I would have to start looking for some great top to rock the skirt, plus I still have to iron and you know my lazy ass ain’t got time for that, so I just do what everyone does buy lots of skinny jeans.

I am now telling you that I almost love skirts more than jeans, the fashion world is evolving and trust me those beautiful legs of yours will look just as hot in skirt as it will in your jeans. There are thousand ways to rock skirts that would make you forget your jeans for a while and most importantly for summer 17. What am saying is you need to update your summer collection with some beautiful skirts that will not only make you look sexy but bring out that lovely shape of yours. Trust me I know how hard it is to replace trousers with skirts, some of us have insecurities about our legs, shape or even complexion but everyone has insecurities and you just have to embrace it or you would be stuck forever, most importantly it is not always bad to try something new and you can always find what works for you. Meanwhile I found these five skirts you might want to start ordering right now and adding to your summer collection

  • Try out a ripped denim skirt

  • Thigh high slits is a big trend

  • Mini button skirts will show off your nice legs

  • Sheer skirts are amazing right now

  • Short pleated skirts are so wavy right now
    P.S I heard men really love pleated skirts on women, your man might just love this on you.

I hope I have been able to convince you to ditch skinny jeans for sometime and start rocking some beautiful skirts. Till next time xoxo Lorde.

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Pictures are from: Ripped denim skirts: zara.com, zimbio.com slit skirts: instyle.com, Pinterest. Sheer skirts: bluemaize.com, wanelo.com. button skirts: bluemaize.com, misguideduk.com. pleated skirts: polyvore.com, pining.com.


One thought on “5 skirts you should ditch skinny jeans for this summer.

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