The Ultimate 90s Watch 

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Hi guys!!! I hope you had an amazing and productive week, because I did. My week was so drama full and am glad to be sharing my crazy experiences as usual. First of all, I would like to say that harassing girls is not okay and this happened to me twice this week. The first one was when I went to fix the screen of my phone, I was going back home and then this guy says, “hey you, come here.” I was just confused, completely ignored him and next thing I hear is, ” you are forming abi, you no fine.” Honestly I had to look back, just walked away, the whole thing was just annoying. Second one happened when I went to get something for my mum and next thing I feel someone grab my hand, moving his face forward. Am like, ” are you mad? “quickly removed his hand from mine, because my mum always tells me to be careful, people like this would definitely pass for kidnappers or ritualist, he apologized though so he probably isn’t any of those. There are so many ways to approach a girl than behaving like a bush baby. If you’re a guy and you do this, please stop! Biko.

You can tell this is not a wristwatch of recent times, wristwatches these days now come in more fancy packages. Looking hella cute and expensive with the little fancy pillow in it. Times have changed, so did our demands. Whoever made this wasn’t focusing on the fancy aspect, but more on how presentable it was or could be. I would certainly want this kind of packages back, because those tiny little pillows make me feel uneasy, I really have no use for it. I inherited this from my Dad but he wasn’t the one that kept it obviously, he doesn’t keep stuffs like this. My mum who never throws things away, kept this. I can confidently tell you she has probably kept this for more than 10years. I am sure she would have kept it for more than that if I hadn’t found it and decided to save its soul from her hands.

Am the only one who thinks this should come back? I hope not. Ps: the wristwatch isn’t working, I don’t care but am going to try to fix it. Thank you for reading. xoxo Lorde.


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