Currently listening to: Bounce back by Big Sean. 

Hi guys, I took these pictures yesterday promising myself I wasn’t going to sit on it and prepare the article for too long. I was just going to go ahead and talk about it, so here it goes. I am currently almost out of mind. My last semester exam result is going to be uploaded anytime from now. I am just sitting here hoping for the best. 

These are all the things am really digging right now.


Laughing in my head while reading that out. It’s Roberto, Italy. The leather is to die for, really portable. I collected this from a friend of mine, she didn’t like it, so I convinced her to give me because that’s what I do. 


I don’t wear earrings, I just don’t. I buy them just to have it. I recently got this from a store, I even got two pairs. Currently digging these ones. I have been wearing it everywhere and anywhere. 

This gold chain has been with me for a very long time, can’t even remember how much I got it, all I know is am going to cry if I ever loose it. I just started wearing it again and everyone is asking where I got it from. Like even I can’t remember. 

I was feeling this sometime ending May, early June, but the rain is heartbreaking I can’t even explain. It rains every day now. This beauty was thrifted, because thrifting is the way forward in Lagos, Nigeria.

Thank you for reading, xoxo Lorde.


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