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Hey guys, so I was in a bus yesterday heading back home from the bank. If you’re a Nigerian most especially a Lagosian you would have probably witnessed a fight between the conductor and the passenger a couple of times, although now that Uber and Taxify have taken over, everybody tripping. Anyways the fight is always interesting and funny unless it’s you, you don’t want to get in a fight with a conductor especially when you are a female. So all the girl did was ask for her remaining change and he started, ” wetin be your own sef, he pass 50 Naira wey you wan collect, I wan chop am, see as you just pack lipstick put for your mouth, she no fine sef, Yeye girl” ” what is your own? is it more that the 50 Naira you want to collect? do I want to eat it? see the way you packed lipstick on your mouth, she’s not even fine. Trust me it was more dramatic than this. Everyone in the bus burst into laughter including the conductor himself, the look on her face was priceless, she almost cried.

This was taken few months back in school few weeks before exams. Like i said am back and ready to work, although this shoot wasn’t really planned for, it was impromtu. I just gathered a few pieces have been thinking about putting together for a while, simply because I have been antagonizing every other season and anticipating summer for a long time now. I set out to work with my best man ( am not sure if he is a guy or man, but whatever). I loved working with him honestly, I hope to show you guys more of our collaboration in the future.

I have been trying to figure out what my style is exactly, this is so ironic because I could just take a look at you and tell you what would suit you and what you should definitely stick to. The annoying part is I can’t still figure mine out and I tend to get confused on what to wear. I am starting to think it is because I have personality disorder from time to time and it affects the way I dress and also because am not someone who sticks to a particular style, even if it is the best style for me. Sometimes I want to go all the way and sometimes I just want it simple no matter the occasion; date, party, whatever( so my future boyfriend shouldn’t freak out when I show up in sweats for an actual date) I don’t know if anyone else can relate. Anyways am embracing it, it feels good to be unpredictable even to myself. This look is definitely a minimum, a black dress and nude heels, a silver bag, choker, sunglasses and of course a gold leg chain, which I happen to be digging a lot these days, I wasn’t always a fan but this one looks cute on my leg so….. The deal is too accessorize like you aren’t accessorizing. I feel like I have to talk about accessories in my next post. Till next time. Xo xo lorde.

PHOTO CREDIT: Juju Tribes Creatives
Dress : Atmosphere Shoes : Nine West Bag : A’la Mode Sunglasses : Gucci Choker & leg chain : Thrifted



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