Funny story, few weeks before we started exams my friends went to a church for a concert but this is Nigeria (Africa), and you don’t want to be messing with religion fanatics. Believe me, you don’t!!! On getting to the church they were asked to come out for deliverance because their gowns were not over their knees and they had colorful extensions on. They were referred to as “sinners” that needed deliverance(LOL), eventually they were forced out of their sits to be delivered. Currently short of words.

Walking into Summer, am too excited. Since last summer, I had been antagonizing every other season and anticipating summer. Since this post is about hair styles, I have a couple inspirations for summer for me and you. I follow this five celebrities constantly on social media, they always have something new on and have kept track of their hairstyles this year and the last. I hope you love and try these beautiful hairstyles, please do!!!

Kimmie’s long black extensions

Chyna’s grey hair

Black barbie’s braids

Koko’s blonde hair

 Purple unicorn short purple curls


I am getting Nicki’s braids, what are you getting? 



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