Number Fifteen

Hi guys, I feel it is necessary to first say Hi and have an actual conversation with you guys before i begin my article proper. Have been away for a while and i feel guilty. I honestly have no reason for being away all these while other than school and life. I have been swamped up with a lot of things, but I am finally getting to put things together so Yes!!! am back again and ready to work. Have been having anxiety over writing again, the months have passed by so quickly. To be honest I feel behind a bit and there’s just so much to make up for. Nevertheless, it is a whole new thing all over again. Am so excited for a fresh start.

Lately have been feeling so insecure about my weight, I am not this kind of person honestly. Have always been a skinny girl, and I could care less about this, but lately i keep feeling extra skinny in everything I wear and Have been looking for means to add weight and I just can’t help myself. Few months ago, I googled how to add weight and unfortunately Nothing came out, at least not anything that was helpful. It was all about loosing weight(rolling my eyes). Yes guys I got that second ear piercing I always wanted. I was so close to crying, but it was worth it.

This is me, I mean the real me not trying to look cute or anything. Just trying to look more of myself than every other time, this is how I look all day everyday. The not so fine face and scattered hair. Like i said am back and ready to work, although this shoot wasn’t really planned for, it was impromptu. I just combined a bunch of stuffs all together, I wasn’t really sure if it was working all together till it was over. Didn’t even know my hair looked like that. Took these pictures few weeks before my birthday. I was on my own vacation to La La Land as these few days were the happiest have been this year. I can’t even begin to tell you the impact of this break in my life. I was having a hard time and a break of reality was what i really needed. Though it was back to reality the second week as my exams were starting the next. Since we are walking into summer I hope to continue taking breaks from reality for myself. Who else is excited for summer? although mine doesn’t start until Ramadan is over.



4 thoughts on “Number Fifteen

  1. I wish I can be consistent like you. I admire you and your work. You know me but I’m always anonymous on blogs so I’d remain that herešŸ˜œ


    1. Honestly I haven’t been consistent for a while, it’s heartbreaking, life takes over. The only thing consistent is passion for what I do.


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