5 Honest Facts about Me

img_20161101_123516This is one of those free days at school, when i think of my blog and write something. i haven’t posted anything in a while, school has been hectic. The good thing is i have actually kept myself updated on most things. I planned to surprise you guys, have being preparing all these while, i hope you guys continue to be patient with me. I have changed a lot these past few months. New life experiences everyday, so yeah 5 awesome facts about me.

LORDE: I feel everyone always wants to know why i add lorde to my name every time. Well i guess everyone knows the real Lorde, if you don’t check her up right now. I fell in love with her on her 56th grammy performance in 2014. She performed royals. Everything, every single thing about her says something, her enthusiasm, the way her body moved to beat. You could see the music in and out of her. i could talk about her all day but we need to move on……

MILITARY: This is my thing, like my thing, thing. I would have joined but someone said i would become disfigured. Basically if i were to come to life again, i would come as a boy and conquer the world.

PURPLE: Purple is my lucky colour. But i am definitely am not one of those girls that has everything in their favorite color, yuck that irritates me. I would rather just call it my lucky color.

TWO: 9,8,7,6,5,4,3, TWO is my lucky number. My junior sister was given birth to on 2nd of June 2004. I still remember the day like yesterday. Still can’t believe i made golden morn for a day year old baby. Out of the kindness of my heart, i almost choked my baby sister. Thank God someone was there!!!

SLEEP: I have been sleeping a lot lately. It is harmattan is kicking off here in Nigeria and school stress is getting worse. I literally take coffee and still sleep. It is just so unhealthy and embarrassing. Anyways thanks for making it to the end of my 5 facts about me.



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