7 makeup brushes you need this instant. 

I just recently got a few things from Jumia and MAC BRUSH SET happens to be one of them. I have to say their delivery is super fast and convenient, plus a 40% off, what more could i ask for. I thought it was going to take a week or more, but it took just 2days. Nice package too, plus the delivery guy was pretty hot, so yes extra package. 

I had this brush set i used to use originally my mums’ and the ones that comes from my makeup(eyeshadow, contour palette and so on) I get them one by one, never at once. I decided to get it all at once this time and i keep on asking where they have been all my life. It makes applying makeup so easy. I can’t even tell you how amazing it is. It’s a must have for everyone. It’s super soft, i am literally so happy i got this. You just really need try this asap, if you haven’t. These brushes are the ultimate cheap thrills. It’s so good quality, inexpensive and i am so digging it. 

The Mac Foundation Brush.    This is perfection, it just really gives you an airbrushed face. It’s soft and easy to blend. I’d always thought people did a lot of exaggeration, but this is pretty cool and different from anything have ever used. 
Beauty blender.                            Thank God for beauty blender. This totally tops my list. I have to confess i am so bad at highlighting, considering the fact i never took any makeup classes, but this has saved my soul, works so well for when highlights my high points. I dampen this before i use it, just a little water, squeeze in a towel and you’re good to go, i found out about this method of application on bloglovin and do i love it, yes it’s a fine process, makes it softer. 
The Mac Lip brush.                               This is good for achieving a defined lipstick. I also use it with concealer to clean up any harsh lines. 
The Mac Concealer brush.   The fact that makeup keeps on upgrading everyday is so amazing. Ever since concealer came a lot of things has changed. I have to say, i am so in love with this brush cause nothing have ever used is this good. It’s not messing my already drawn brows, so…..   

The Mac Angle brush                            I use this for my eyeliner. If you’re drawing a long one then this is totally perfect, when i want a short one, i just use the actually liner stick that comes with it. Doesn’t mean it can’t do both though. It’s really good. 

      • The Mac Eyelash and Eyebrow spoolie                                            I use this to brush my eyelash and brows into shape before applying anything. 
      • The Mac Eyebrow Wand.            For grooming my brows before and after using brow pencil. 
      • The Mac Eyeshadow Applicator.                                     I use this for my eyeshadow. I always have a problem of applying too little or too much eyeshadow, but this helps balance it all. Thank you Mac for this awesomeness.  

                         Xo Xo Lorde


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