Skincare and beauty products: stocking

I had an unfortunate encounter with long lasting pimples, which i told you about recently, well ever since then have being taking skincare pretty seriously. I never want to have to go through that again. Since i never really had a permanent skincare routine, i have being trying new products of late, just to know what works for me and what doesn’t so i would know what to stick to, am not really for trying different products every time so i pray i find my comfort zone soon. 

I went by local stores today and got some of the products have been itching to try lately. You know that feeling when all your makeup runs out at once. Well i know and trust me it’s as disastrous as it sounds. The good news is most of the products i need are either 40% off or more. Isn’t that awesome? While waiting for them to arrive, i decided to get these few thrills so i don’t go into panic mode. 

  • Clean & clear: deep cleansing astringent & shine control facial scrub. Have heard a lot about clean & clear. Also used it once, that was the ordinary deep cleansing comes in blue colour, smells a little bit like spirit apparently all cleansers do. I wanted to get this instead, i went to different stores same story, not available. I decided to try something new, got this two. The deep cleansing astringent, the one in wine is for cleansing, main goal is to fight acne. Although i was warned it dries up the skin. I still got it though, plus i heard it works. I hope it does.            The shine control in green is a facial scrub, i really love the smell of this one. It has this little blue things in it, i guess it’s called bursting beads. Eitherways, it’s an exfoliating and oil control scrub. I don’t exactly have an oily face nor do i have a dry one, i am in between so i really don’t mind an oil controlling scrub. They are both inexpensive. I can’t wait to do an aftermath review. 
  • Sara Amore face wipe: This is a makeup cleansing tissue from Sara Amore Collection, although i prefer the term face wipe, i use it without no makeup on. It contains 20 pre-moistened tissues for the face and eyes. I don’t think i would run out quickly, most times i prefer to just wash makeup off than clean it. I was told it prevents skin irritation, lightens pores and makes the skin look moisturized. Best thing about this is the smell. Most face wipes smell like methylated spirit, but this smells like flowers. 
  • H & D secret oil and cotton woolI have mixed feelings about this, but whenever i am skeptical about something it turns out to be bomb!!! I just really wanted something to keep my face glowing. This helps accelerate natural skin renewal harmlessly. It produces new skin cells for a healthy, smooth and glowing skin. I love my cotton wool white as always. It gives me accurate view of the amount of dirt on my face, creepy right? 

That’s it!!! My new skincare products which i have super high hopes on. I would be back with my review on all. Which skincare product have you restocked recently?                       

                     Xo Xo Lorde


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