Do you ever just wonder what life would be without shoes, where we all just work around barefooted, have imagined it, but i don’t really think about it much, i want to keep on having shoes for the rest of my life but on second thought, not having to spend money on shoes is a great deal. You know the story or not, well i was a tomboy. Yes i used was, i am growing to love every bit about women fashion, the heels, makeup it’s all so interesting. i cant help but get a little itch every once in a while to do it the opposite way plus I feel like am playing both sides(that isn’t what it sounds like.)
Either ways i just got this super cool AIRWALK MENS SNEAKERS, it’s so comfy and ME!!! 

You can get yours on ebay right now. Comes in different colours. 

                      XO XO LORDE


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