Skin care routine: VEET GOLD

It all started few months ago, i was giving this veet gold cream by a friend. I used it and realized it would have being better if i had an oily skin. It made my face dry and hard. So i stopped using it.

I don’t have pimples very much, even when i do it is very temporary, i just wait for it to clear off, but this time was different. It was glued to my face for months, i was clueless. I wasn’t sure what to do. I decided to give this cream a go once again actually reading the instructions this time. I decided to apply it immediately after washing my face, using my Jergens skin mosturizer first, which comes with the Jergens skincare cocoa butter cream. It actually worked, it was easy to apply this time and it blended so well into my skin.

I was very skeptical about it having an effect on my pimpled face, but gradually my face was getting better and in two weeks my face was becoming pimples free and lighter. People started asking what i was using, which i gladly recommended.

Veet gold is a facial whitenening and spot removing cream with sunscreen SPF 18 which guarantees treatment of pimples, burn, breakout, acne, wrinkles and dark spot. It tones your skin and gives you a glowing radiance.

Best thing about this cream is it’s very inexpensive. I used it up and got another one from JUMIA. It’s just 2000 naira that’s about 7 dollars. I love it, it’s my daily skin routine and an August must have. Which skincare product would you recommend?  Leave your comments below.

                     Xo Xo Lorde. 


2 thoughts on “Skin care routine: VEET GOLD

    1. Hi Eunice
      I haven’t used the carrot type yet dear, but according to the reviews have read on it, it is better for people who fair skinned.


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