Two trends making a STATEMENT 2016. 

You know that kind of thing when you ask a friend something and they give you an almost ridiculous answer, well that just happened to me. I asked what were her thoughts on off shoulders and chokers, unfortunately she said it was too common of a trend for her. I guess we all have our opinions and some might even share a side of her view, but then let’s not forget that’s the point of a trend in the fashion industry. It’s supposed to be something worn by majority. 

               Well that aside am so digging this trend. This two are amazingly versatile. The off shoulder comes as crops, gowns, tops and so on. It’s so eighty years back, but still looks pretty cute and no doubt a wonderful bring back. Chokers also come in different forms, sizes, and colours. It’s fabulous how they go so well with and without each other. From casual to your work wear, these two have no limits and a lot of people have been having so much fun pairing them together. 

Slay readers. Thanks for reading adios 🙋


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