How should sheer make you feel

For a while sheer seemed to be going out of style, at least that’s what i thought. Then Kendall shows up in some killer sheer gown at Cannes. She blows my mind TBH.  

After cannes, I started living in the moment again or should i say thinking in the moment. Yes it’s summer! The weather is still duhhh. The struggle is real. As far as i am concerned Sheer is just right for the moment.

 So how should sheer make you feel. For someone who likes to show their aesthetic side a lot i would say Elegant. Dont get cute with me, i seriously wont have my boobs hanging around and still feel like poop.

  In the mortal world of Kim Kardashian lots of boobs and ass are hanging around but this is my boobs, my precious boobs, if i would be wearing anything hanging them around it better make me look damn gorgeous Hell yeah!

She blows my mind TBH… 


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