Different materials are used to make different types of shoes, but there’s something fascinating about leather shoes. I love shoes, and you know that, but there’s this unique side to leather shoes, and approximately everything that comes in leather. There’s a way it gives its wearer this kind of expensive, hot, sexy, sensational look. Excuse my use of words, all I am trying to say is that leather complements the person wearing it. I must say that Envy is the order of the day for me, when I see a celebrity wearing expensive and unaffordable leather clothing or shoes. I get really envious, forgive me for putting it that way but that’s just the way it is. I just want to pull it off them right way. Like if I had an invisibility cloak or something, you know.

A thing of good quality is worth
More than ten of less

If you are going to have it in leather, you should definitely prepare your mind and pockets too. I don’t think I have any right to complain if a something made of leather is expensive, because it is definitely of good quality, and lasts long. It saves my money. Buying it is long-term planning.

No matter how insignificant and little it might look, check the price tag first. Like some loafers I found some days ago. It looked ugly, really ugly and I would have to think thrice before buying it or even wearing it. But something else caught me off guard, the price tag had me screaming JESUS with dilated pupils like someone running from something. But then it isn’t all that surprising, these days people don’t buy things because it’s attractive, only expensive stuffs that show more of their social status or class. I don’t know if I could ever function that way.

Leather booties and jackets is my jam, my readers know how I love my boots. I don’t think I could stop gushing about them anytime from now. I don’t want them to ever go out of style. Remember kendall jenner’s motorcycle jacket that had my jaw down to the floor, which brought her to the highest level of chic on my list. I almost compared her stepping out to Ghost Rider, you know with the flames and all. She was smoking hot.
This is an open confession of my love for leather shoes, and hopefully acceptable. Thank you for reading. Adios



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