How to achieve the natural makeup look

Natural makeup look, sounds weird to me, shouldn’t it be natural look ma… oh God, never mind. Yeah my English is…don’t say it! For me the natural makeup look is like my lazy thing, for others it’s a trend. Gigi Hadid wore a natural makeup look for Grammys, I think I am going to go for that on my next outing and I am like, so that’s a thing? Yeah of course it’s a thing. “My lazy thing.” you know those times you didn’t just want to stress yourself further so you end applying foundation and few other products, guess what? It’s actually a thing. Of course a little more advanced than my lazy thing. These are just the products you need to get this look;‎

Foundation that totally matches your skintone, not lighter nor darker. With a foundation brush to blend the entire foundation to your skin. Makeup forever is a very nice foundation to use. It’s of good quality and absolutely affordable.

Even though it’s a natural makeup, you still don’t want to look wack or anything of such. You apply your concealer to hide dark spots and clear eye bags. For a clean and fresh makeup.

Some of us love to glow with the help of makeup, natural or no natural. Your cheeks still need to be highlighted.

Warm and natural eyeshadow palette
The eye shadow you’re applying should be one that’s your color. You don’t want something to bright and also you should apply not too much.

Some mascaras when applied makes your eyelashes look like false lashes, so you should apply less to make it look less thick and heavy. Better still you could use a mascara that has a more natural wand for eyelashes.

Nude lipstick
A nude lipstick is so important for a natural look. Just make sure it’s actually your kind of nude.


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