There are bags!!!

I once talked about POWER HEELS, and their abilities to change your life. Like I said, “There are bags and there are bags!!! ” What is an outfit that isn’t accompanied by a bag? Just like heels, bags have class and power. Seriously, any bag that makes you think “if money can’t buy happiness, what will.” is definitely guilty of playing with your mind. I am definitely a lover of bags and I am also guilty of that thought.

A bag can tell you a little about the person carrying it and also the designer’s personality, yes! Have seen a bag and actually thought the designer must have some kind of mental problem. Choosing a bag sometimes could be like choosing a life partner ; originality, quality, appearance, cost and maybe even gain. What could I possibly gain from buying this. These days I am not so sure about appearance anymore though. I think it’s cost over everything. It’s such a competitive world, and the luxuries of life have more power than we do. For me it’s the same but the other way around if it’s too expensive all I can do is stare at it. Quality definitely equals high price. Except in some cases where expensive stuffs can just be wack.

I can’t really count how many times, I have thought about going to one of the kardashians closet and transferring all their bags to mine. I am so damn serious, am pretty sure I even day dream about it, all of these bags I want are so so so not wallet friendly. Only God knows when they will be. But before they are, I might as well find myself in one of their closets. I promise not to take anything other than bags. They probably won’t even notice . Bags obviously have a thing on me, I don’t know about you guys but I will take my chances.

Anyways, bags are like the coolest things in my world. I would definitely love to go to a shaman to do his shit and give me a room full of the best bags in the world, of course I would sell a lot and keep the rest. That’s some serious wishful thinking. Shaman!!! Seriously is that the best I can do. Just a few bags have a place in my heart, now and always, till death do us apart.

1) Hermes
I think that’s the name of a Greek god or something. It has a lot of first names according to the bags. There’s hermes birkin, hermes kelly and so on. One of the most famous bags in the world and of course expensive. If you have a lot of these you might as well be a Greek god yourself.

2) Louis vuitton
Currently one of the most luxurious brand in the world. After launching it’s most expensive bag. I would say even the name is expensive “Louis vuitton”.

3) Chanel
I am not so sure I can talk about bags I love and forget chanel. That’s impossible. The logo is what keeps us going. Chanel!!!

4) Chloe
This one purse is exceptional. I just so so love, it comes in varieties of colors. It’s a very good brand. Not as prestigious, but it’s definitely really cool.

5) Givenchy
Although, I have had a hard time pronouncing it. This brand bags are just ones to love.

Of course there are still brands out there, Fendi, valentino, prada, dolce and gabbana, Giorgio armani and others. Bags that are so expensive. It’s a broke girl, expensive taste thing.


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