loosing the weight to look like a model.

Getting a model’s body isn’t the easiest thing at all. It isn’t completely fit, because you wanna appear fit but still look feminine. For some people it’s just impossible. Like that saying, “every girl’s dream is to eat a lot without getting fat.” even though I have a completely different dream, this isn’t entirely wrong. Everyone wants that body that looks good in everything. Me too!

This kind of body is extremely important, that’s why we keep wondering how the models do it. What’s the secret? How do they look that good? Is it something possible for the non-models too. The truth is while some models were born with it, some have to work for it, just like non-models. So it’s not magic. You can also work for it.

Let’s actually do the real talk, the most possible way of getting this is through exercise, I must have said this earlier. Just letting you know I still stand by my word. There are obviously numerous ways, but to me the only acceptable way is exercise! I don’t even do it a lot, cause you know I am beyond lazy, when it comes to that. I am so skinny and I use that as an excuse (obviously) even though someone keeps on telling me to give my lazy ass some encouragements and just do the shit “even though you’re thin, you should still exercise for fitness. ” yeah yeah like I don’t know that already. That shit takes determination. Don’t be discouraged. Other than that your mind setting is so much more important. I feel like that is important in everything you do. You need to think about if loosing the weight is going to change anything. Would it make you feel better about yourself or something. I am definitely not here to counsel you or something. You just need to learn to love yourself. Thanks to Ashley Graham. Fixing your body is probably really important, mostly because of health and all, at the same time fixing your body is still very important. Take care of your body no matter what size. Work out!!. Avoid eating disorders. Love yourself.


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