3 ear piercing that would easily enhance your look this SPRING

Everyday from now, we are a day closer to spring. New season, new clothes, new trends, maybe even new piercings.

I hate myself already for writing this title or even talking about Ear piercing. I have wanted to pierce my ears for a while now, I haven’t still found the balls to do so. Getting my ears pierced would be a great step for me, because I am going to be doing something I am extremely terrified of. I get jealous, when I see how good it looks on people. Google isn’t helping either. Last time I searched for images, like 40% of the images were piercings that had gone wrong. Don’t follow my ways please! Piercing in general, I don’t really know, but ear piercings is like the cutest and fashionable thing any girl absolutely needs. I have seen it on so many celebrities ; Rihanna, Kylie jenner etc. Even though I still think Kylie went a little overboard, she pierced places I thought were unpierce-able . Like I said earlier, I hate myself for talking about this and I am definitely going to get my ears pierced next month maybe. ‎It’s absolutely safe. You have one already. ‎Anyways if you want to get your ears pierced, this are 3 absolutely wonderful ideas you should try




Don’t forget to take care of it. It could get really YUCKY

I hope you try it. Bye!


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