Ways to Plan an Unforgettable Spring Break Without Going Broke

For things to go well you have to plan. Planning is everything.

1.  Note that in order to prepare for a Spring Break vacation you need to allow yourself adequate time and resources to make your trip possible.


  • At least 5 months prior to your Spring Break you should begin to think about the location that you want to visit.

  • Compare the different methods of travel you will be using, as well as the different places you will stay at.

  • Now that you know where you are going, how you are going to get there and where you will be staying, you need to purchase tickets for the method of travel you choose as well as reserve a room at your choice of hotels/motels.

I hope you’ve done this.


2. Do the Research


  • If you are traveling somewhere in which you have never been, it is always a good idea to make yourself familiar with that location before you arrive.

    • Examples: Culture, food, entertainment, weather and current events.

    • Depending on where you are traveling to you will need to know whether you will need a Passport, a Birth Certificate, or just a Photo ID.

      • You will also need to know whether or not you will need to do a currency exchange.

      • Continue to budget for Expenses.

      • Also, make sure you are taking care of budgeting in other expected expenses.

      • Know what all you think you would might want such as souvenirs, tattoos, and piercings so that you can add those to your budget. The more stuff you want the more money you need to be prepared to bring.

      • Beware of your cell phone bill when you come back. Long distance phone calls can double or even triple your normal bill.

      • Be prepared for a huge increase in gas prices. Budget to pay more somewhere you might go.

      • Make sure you know who all is going. Meet up with everyone that is going and make plans.

        • Warm Weather Examples: Tanning minutes, beach apparel,outdoor recreation, personal trainer.

        • Cold Weather Examples: Climate appropriate apparel, gear, recreation, medication.


Matt Kepnes, blogger at Nomadic Matt and author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day, recommends Googling your way to free stuff. All you have to do is search for “free activities” or “free tours” in your city of choice to find some cool opportunities.

If you’d rather the traditional experience, head to Viator for tons of tour options. You can also check out City Pass and Smart Destinations, which let you save tons of money on major museums and tourist attractions by purchasing multiple tickets at once.



Though spring breakers can try their best to make everything run smoothly, things don’t always go as planned. If changes happen, don’t let them soil your whole trip — you are there to have fun and escape from stress.

Lost luggage or delays should not totally upset your vacation (although you should definitely pack at least two outfits in a carry-on just in the off-chance this would occur.)

Though it is a repetitive lesson, it is important to stay safe. Never travel alone, always have a charged cell phone and be aware of your surroundings. When going out, it is important to decide upon a designated meeting spot where you and your friends will know to find each other if anyone gets lost or separated. Being proactive and staying in communication with your friends will save you from worrying and allow more time to let loose and enjoy your time off.



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