How to dress like a SHAPE SHIFTER

I hope you aren’t too captivated by the title. It’s just something I made up. “A fashion shape shifter” is a person who doesn’t particularly stick to one way of dressing. I feel like these days, we are all so into the normal way of dressing and finding what works for us. Mostly what’s trending at the moment, which I am most likely guilty of. Dressing like a shape shifter  is more like “dressing like you own a time machine ” being able to go back and forth, creating your own trends, basically staying open to new things and not just all that works for you. I feel like in the process of trying things that might not work for us, we end up finding what does. It’s simple logic. I couldn’t really find a celebrity who does this, but Kendall Jenner might or might not be a good example, because she’s a model and probably gets dressed up, which might mean she doesn’t particularly have a fashion sense of her own. Looking at her outfits, I can’t help but to notice that she doesn’t really do the “tight clothes that show’s off my shape” or “this is what is trending ” thing. There’s always a fresh perspective to most of her looks. Whether it’s an 80s look or otherwise. I can understand why this isn’t so popular among celebrities. They would rather go for what’s trending, expensive and most especially what looks really good on them. For top fashion bloggers, I feel like it’s almost inevitable for them to take risks. They have great fashion sense which would make it work. Zanita is a great example. You can tell from her dressing, there’s always a fresh perspective and the ability to try and make things that seem absolutely crazy work.  She doesn’t have a particular way of dressing or even dress like everyone else. I absolutely love this way of dressing. You don’t have to stick to the particular way of dressing. Which means I could try any fashion piece as long as I can make it work. Shape shifting is definitely something everyone should try. What do you think?


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