How to dress the KOREAN way

Some years back, when I started watching South Korean movies. At first, I couldn’t understand why people watch it, but when I started I was completely stuck. Funny, lots of exaggeration, superstitions and all, but the South Korean culture is really the most amazing of all. I have learned so much from watching their movies. A lot of people neglect it because they say it’s all about love. Well in some ways, but still no knowledge is lost. At least I know some Korean words now. Not pronunciation wise please!

I can’t help but notice their way of dressing to. I actually mean in the modern movies. They are really stylish. The men are just to die for. While the women are mostly simple from head to toe most of the times. I was able to learn a few things on how to acquire the simple stylish look.

#don’t play too much with colors

#no extravagant accessories (just a simple hat would do)

#no heavy makeup

#show a lot of skin



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