How to get your eyebrows on fleek: BROWS TUTORIAL

Compared to when eyebrows first became a trend, it’s so much easier now to get perfect brows, the use of stencil, brow gel and brow powder has made the world a better place, instead of struggling to get your brows in the right direction you can always use a brow stencil. Some people even call it, “contouring of the brows” still don’t quite understand.

Never in a million years would I have thought brows would be this important. It’s like you are never fully complete without your brows being “on fleek”. It’s quite outrageous, but I am far too guilty of following this “trend” to complain. I simply love perfect brows. I once told someone I couldn’t come out that far, because I was too lazy to draw my brows. To be sincere, I really wasn’t interested, but that excuse could have been real too, my brows are just that important. You want perfect brows, STAY TUNED.

Of course, the brow kit is inevitable

Some brow kits actually contains less like Elf, which just simply contains : the brow powder and your angled brush, which is actually no problem, you can still get the same result either ways. This one actually contains a stencil, angled brush, brow powder, and your brow pencil.

concealer, more important than not. This is the way. No matter how weird your brow looks. Your concealer would clean it up and make it look more defined. It also acts as an highlight for your eyeshadow. You would want to get two shades. One which is your color and one that is lighter than your color. Your color for the top and the lighter one for below the brows.

micro mini beauty blender, which is actually a smaller version of the actual beauty blender. You can just use this to blend your concealer to your skin and clean up any harsh lines.

An Eyebrow Gif Tutorial


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