I can remember , I have once mentioned my love for bright lipstick. I don’t use it a lot, only on particular occasions. I especially love red matte lipstick. I don’t like glossy lipstick so much. I remember reading an article on the reasons to add some colors to your lip, which I absolutely agreed with each and everyone. You can't just always go "nude" or "neutral" every time. Sometimes, you just wanna have a "bold and bright" color on those lips.

Rules you need to follow to get those perfect lips

# moisturize your lips , this is something that can be easily overlooked, a lip moisturizer is like a face moisturizer. It’s like a foundation. If you haven’t been moisturizing your lips before applying the lipstick, you really need to try it. The difference is so clear.

# LIP LINER the second step is to line your lips with the red lip liner that matches your red lipstick

#apply your red lipstick over it all

# BLEND, re-apply lip liner if necessary.

# finally use your foundation to clean overdrawn lines

Special Ombre lip gif tutorial…enjoy!

photo credit: Hyasnaa V30 via photopin (license)


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