10 beauty products I can’t do without.

I am really in between being a maximalist and minimalist, when it comes to makeup. Sometimes, I just want to put it all on my face, sometimes, I just really want to use so little. I feel like I have my moments, sometimes not using any make up at all is better than actually using. That’s just my face. Even I know. Sometimes I look so good, even without makeup and sometimes it just ughhh…..

I think I have mentioned it a lot of times. For me YouTube is always the key everything I have learned is from YouTube. I never went for any kind of training. I watch YouTube makeup tutorials a lot. I have learned so much. The products to buy and everything. What’s trending. The only thing not loving YouTube is my megabyte.

I decided to write an article on the basic makeup and beauty products I use on normal bases, when I am trying to look natural. I shot these pictures myself, which is a step ahead for me. I really felt so much pressure. I didn’t even want to post them at first, I know I would become better as time passes, so please bear with me.

# foundation, zaron setting powder, 4shades of brown (eyeshadow) and two powder blenders.

# nail polish :purple&blue(favorite colors) , baby oil, Jergens moisturizer, milani cream concealer.

# red lipstick(matte), nude lipstick, mascara, Mac lip liner(black), tape.

Lorde’s handiwork

I know some things might seem weird like my tape and baby oil. Infact this could be like the most important things. I use the tape for my undereye eyeshadow, things get messy guys. It helps and my baby oil, I mix that with my foundation for some reason ever since I tried this I haven’t been able to stop. My foundation just looks so better. The lorde’s handiwork, as you can see has BERTZO on it was made by me. I know I have mentioned I design clothes and all. It’s all in the book (I made and designed myself), maybe sometime in the future, I could share the contents with you guys. Thanks for reading, bye!


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