The Perfect Ring Guide

I love rings (in 0prah Winfrey’s voice) , rings are so feminine and nice. The trend has lately been wearing multiple rings on one’s finger. As crazy as this seems. It’s really cool and stylish. Clothes, makeup, rings all go together. Most of the times I feel like my outfit is never complete without using two or three rings.

when buying rings always look for simple rings I feel it’s just more fashionable and dope. I don’t buy big rings or statement rings (only for special occasions)

• buy in bulk. I could buy ten simple rings all at once.

• pick rings with little or no studs for a normal day out.

• buy lots of GoldandSilver rings, those go with every kind of outfit.

• when going for big rings, go for geometrics

• my thoughts on joint rings, I am not quite a fan, I could wear 10 rings on my fingers at once. Joint rings make my fingers uncomfortable.

• buy lots of rings, you need it! Trust me


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