Beauty Trends That Are Making Waves And You need To Try Out

New year means a lot of things. New beauty and makeup trends,new fashion trends,new color trends.Lots of New things to try.Yes,I know it’s already February and we are already much in these year but we are still the beginning.If you are bored with your same old makeup and beauty routine, you can try this trending beauty and makeup trends that can surely give any look an instant update.

1.Glitter Everything

Glitter lips.

glitter lis

Glitter Roots.

glitter roots

Glitter eyeliner.

glitter eyeliner

 and even……..

Glitter beards for the boys.

glitter beards

Glitter eyeshadow.

glitter eyeshadow

Glitter Mascara.

glitter mascara.jpg


…you name it, it’s going to be covered in glitter.It may sound counter intuitive considering that you’re dealing with such a sparkly substance, but less is more—try a lightly-dusted pout or twinkly slick back.

2. Tailored Nails

 Fierce nails.

fierce nails.jpg

Unexpected French Tips.

Stiletto nails.

Name it.

3. Braids, Twists, and Ponytails Galore:

The ponytails,braid and twists.Unpolished and easy on the go.Twists for those who are, ahem, braid-challenged, rest assured is much easier to achieve, as you merely have to divide a ponytail in half and twist the sections around each other. Easy.

4. Maximalism

Don’t know what maximalism is,continue reading to find out.

Maximalism, the trend focusing on a singular statement element, is likely to be the answer to our prayers. Envision contoured cheeks, a single swipe of bright shadow on the lids, or spider-like lashes will be paired with a subdued makeup look on the rest of the face.

5. The Everlasting Bob

Yup, still not going anywhere—even Kate Middleton slashed off her signature long locks and got in on the action. We were certain that 2015, which we hailed The Year of Lob, would be the end of it, but as J.Law, Adele, Khloé Kardashian, and many more are proving, its universally-flattering, low-maintenance appeal is just too good to pass up. Give it an of-the-moment remix with choppy texture (hello razor cut!) or swaggy bangs like T-Swift.

6. Blue Eye shadow

Blue eyeshadow may have been our first foray into makeup, but thanks to a slew of appearances on the spring/summer 2016 runways (and every cool girl’s eyelids thereafter), it’s making a triumphant return to our makeup rotation. Now let’s set things straight: The new formulas are nothing like that first, frosty shadow single you matched to your baby tee. Instead, they come in the form of aqua cat-eyes and inky shadows that, believe it or not, actually make us want to put our obsession with “no-makeup makeup” on a hiatus.

7. New lip colors

lipsticklip stick

Ever tried Ombre-blue lipstick.Well now’s the time to try it.

This are all popular beauty trends of 2016. Try Them and Thank Me later.



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