6 most COMMON but IMPORTANT beauty products, we can’t get enough of.

I am 100% sure I don’t have to tell you that there are thousands of beauty (makeup) products out there, graded by the kind of popularity it gets or quality or even the kind of complexion it blends with or how fancy it is probably because of the brand. Whenever I hear a beauty product is good and very affordable. It makes me happy, because I know as long as it looks really good on me, no matter how cheap. It’s perfect. That’s why I was a little bit tempted to use just elf products or la girl’s products (super good and affordable) but I decided to add some good stuffs too.
If you watch you tube makeup tutorial videos a lot. You would understand just how popular these products are and wonder why they are so inexpensive.

They are :
1) Makeup for ever foundation

It’s of good quality and also very affordable. It’s like so common and inexpensive. What’s better than a good foundation.

2) LA girl pro.concealer

I can comfortably say that at least 80% of people have this product or have used this product, just to tell you how common and important it is. And this is like one of the most inexpensive products with good quality.

3) Elf setting spray

Talking about Glam, this post would have been incomplete without the elf setting spray. Elf products are so affordable and nice.

4) Nyx lip liner

A special tip: don’t use a lipstick without a lip liner. You can but a liner would make so much difference and give your lip a higher definition. Also, try to get colors that match your lipstick. So you won’t have two different colors when your aim is just one, unless you want an ombre lip. Nyx are inexpensive and really good quality.

5) Mac highlight

Now that strobing has taken over from contouring. You need a Mac highlight for the places you need to highlight to glow. Whoever made strobing become a trend is a genius and life saver, who replaced the time consuming and long process conturing with an easier and less time consuming strobing, who’s with me?

6) Elf liner

I managed to get at least two Elf products on my list. You just need to love this liner. It’s inexpensive, easy to apply and doesn’t dry out completely, making it easy to blink. So what else do you need?

This are the most common, inexpensive beauty products out there trust me. Don’t forget to share, like and subscribe. I feel like I must have said inexpensive like 101 times. Anyways, if you know of any products, that are inexpensive and very good, please share. I never want to miss out on the chance to buy something of good quality and less cost. I am no celebrity please! Bye!

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