How to rise up to a FASHION occasion like a PRO

You know those moments, when you have a lot to say and when you’re about to start. You suddenly go blank. I am having that right now, so I would just put my earplugs on and listen to my no1 inspiration song “suffer head” by the African legend FELA ANIKULAPO-KUTI. It’s really weird I listen to his songs. If I played it amongst my mates, they might just throw my phone in the waste bin. My bus driver used to play this song everyday, when I was little and I found myself growing fond of it everyday. I have grown to love it. Listening to it at times makes me wanna do the CREEP.

Modern people won’t understand this, even if the song sounds like it doesn’t make a lot of sense. It does and it does a lot. Fela’s songs are satirical in nature, because he was an activist, but a smart one. He was an activist through his music, because those times were hard and there was no freedom of speech. His songs was a ridicule to the past leaders in the society and also a connection to the general public and his fans. The title of his songs are weird, but unique. He was a real African Legend and that’s why we still listen to his songs today. Even though I wasn’t born during his time, listening to his songs makes me feel like a child of the 80s. As I would put it, I am an 80s girl living and loving the luxuries of the modern life.

This probably won’t make any sense to you. I wish I could explain the feeling. I don’t want to spend the whole day telling you about this man or rather my likes and dislikes so I would just get to the point.

How to rise up to a fashion occasion like a Pro

For the first time since I have been blogging, I feel like I got the title right and to the point. I am pleased to tell you that this title has gone through numerous trials. I had to stare at the book for over 30minutes. The thing is I know how intimidating fashion occasions can be and how stressed one can be. You want to look good, organized and all that shit. It’s my job to get you ready and tell you what to do. So would you do me a favor and listen to this 5 tips and kill the fashion occasion like a professional.

1) Less could be more
Too much parties on a dress gives me anxiety. There’s a party in the back there’s a party in the front, there’s a party on the legs. Look for something that has a party in a place, not just any party but a huge one. Like this gown below has a huge party at the back. But for me I would have done for some crazy black boots. I would recommend that too.

2) SimpleComplexity
The idea of mixing simple and complex is a bit confusing. To me just one piece could turn an outfit from ordinary to extraordinary. For me in this picture was the skirt. She could have just worn a normal plain skirt and it would have been a normal skirt shirt coat outfit. But the skirt stands out.

3) Fashion occasion = statement occasion
Get ready to get your groove on with the STATEMENTS. Your statement shoes, earrings, most importantly statement bags, I repeat, especially statement bags and other statement shits. This time let your accessories do the talking.

4) Color Player
A good thing about fashion occasions is that you get to have fun with colors without anyone judging you. Since it’s gonna be full of mostly people who have knowledge of fashion. No one is gonna think you’re crazy or any shit like that.

5) Risk chaser
Take risks. It’s a fashion occasion, so this is probably the only chance you get to wear something like this. Add a crazy piece, that crazy piece you have always wanted to wear. Everyone is gonna be looking super good. Trust me. Stand out. But don’t get to crazy though.

A personal advice, BE COMFORTABLE, I really can’t imagine walking like there’s something wrong with you or feeling uncomfortable. If you have seen pictures from fashion weeks and all. You would see the way people walk with confidence. Leave your shy self at home please!

Somehow I feel like I have talked too much again. I am sorry about that. Please if you have any additions feel free to comment below. Thank you. Bye!


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