POWER HEELS : style vs creativity

So when I say “power” I actually mean power not the normal “coercion” power, but more of like SUPER POWER. I know, it’s weird right? What kind of power could something you wearing possibly have, moreover SUPER POWER. These kind of heels do possess power. When something has the ability to turn your whole entire outfit around or even make you crave it so much. Every time you are at the mall it keeps on saying “buy me” even when you are dead broke. of course, it does possess not only just Power but SUPER POWER. To be sincere, I think everyone could make shoes, all you have to do is learn. That said, not everyone could get creative in this area. Have you ever seen a shoe and wondered what the fuck the designer was on. The shit is somethings just comes naturally. They create shoes that are MORE THAN just shoes.

I don’t have any memories of myself loving shoes, while growing up, am guessing my little mind just wasn’t so interested in the luxuries of life. It’s ironic how I got to love all the things I hated or just never paid any little attention to at all. I could spend my last dime on that shit. No It’s not obsession. It’s just my present mind has grown to love the luxuries of life. I do wish I had a family member that is a designer. I would design for them. In that case I get to design all the kind of shoes, I dream of wearing and won’t have to pay for it.

Did I mention I am actually a good designer . I won’t exactly call myself a good one. It isn’t even an hobby. It’s just something I do, when I just feel like doing it. The thing is I am someone who can’t achieve anything If I don’t put my mind to it. As long as I put my mind, energy, time and faith it does work out. Like 96% of the time. If I am being lazy or discouraged, I can’t achieve nothing. NOTHING I tell you. I don’t wanna bore you with uninteresting life, so I am just going to get to the point.

There are five designers I know that I would want put myself in their shoes (not their actual shoes please! ) I mean I want to become, When I say “become” I really don’t mean in the future or something like that. I mean If I had a lamp and rubbed it, then a genie came out. I would ask to be exchanged. Any one of them at all. For instance I don’t want to be like chanel, I want to be chanel. Do you get it? I am just kidding (or maybe not, I would take my chances if there was a lamp).

and my top 5 shoe designers are:
1) Christian Loubinton .
Favorite designer of his:

This looks like something that was made out of Tinker Bell, but with heels and less GREEN actually no green at all.

2) Jimmy Choo

This is obviously not my best of the designer, but I really love the color it’s hot and pink so it’s “hot pink” I also really love the prints on this.

3) Valentino

Somewhere in my brain, I wanted to make the joke valentine /valentino but I told myself hell no! Babe what you thinking, incase you wondering that’s exactly how I told myself. Valentino! What more can I say, it’s right infront of you. 4 colors on just one shoe and it doesn’t look crazy. HELL YEAH!!!


When you think gucci, you think expensive, you think good quality, you think perfection. Everything is all together on this. The leather looks really nice (in other words expensive), the warm color that reminds you of the decking of your house or maybe not I don’t know. The color does look like what you see in all those expensive and luxurious houses.

5) Sophia Webster

Someone always told me to save the best for last. I have no idea who it is, but I am doing it anyways. Style + creativity = perfection. You really need to check the designs. The “angel wings” are just cray mehn.

I am really sorry this post turned out to be longer than I hoped. I hope you think these designs are great too. If you have any adjustments or additions. Put up a comment. I would reply gladly or is it I would gladly reply, whatever. Bye!


2 thoughts on “POWER HEELS : style vs creativity

  1. Hi! I just stopped by to let you know I really enjoyed your post! Thought it was very cool, interesting, and stylish too!
    Keep it up!
    Come check out my blog if you get the time, would love to know what you think!
    Keep blogging!
    Ps. Want all of these!!


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