How to get that killer body

I made a similar article to this on allwomenstalk. An app for writing articles. It’s just like a warm up for the real blogging. If you want to loose weight, get fit, or maybe even everything in general. Sit tight, because this article is for you.

First things first, for no reason would I recommend products that would make you shrink in weeks any kind at all except for equipments that could give you a good shape such as : Waist Trainer. My reason is because : 1) you might want to go slow and steady
2) you want something that’s going to last forever, so why the rush?
3) it could be harmful.

The reason why you want to go slow and steady is because you need to follow the protocols. How long could a product last you exactly, a year, two years. Yes, buy these products and you could look good in no time. But how long would it last. Going through the process of eating veggies, less calories, working out would make you adapt well. You get used to eating veggies and working out. Though your results might take a while, but it’s worth the wait. The thing about using products is, yes! It might work, but what if you continue to eat everything you have been eating that made you get out of shape. Are you gonna use products again. I recently heard of people selling products for people to shrink without exercises or anything. Just drink the product for a while.
No matter how fast you want the process is, you also want it to last.
So I don’t recommend this at all.

If you don’t want to go to the gym, maybe because you don’t wanna feel intimated or something, because going to the gym can be intimidating. The hot bodies and all. These are 9 exercises you could do at home. Don’t forget your body is yours, you need to take care of it. Don’t just feel like you’re beautiful the way you’re. Of course you are but is your body healthy.

1)push ups

2) squats

3)high knees

4) planking

5)wall sit

6) running

7) jumping jacks

8) crunches

9) burpees

With all of these, you could also use waist trainer, organic teas and all of the healthy products you can use.


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