Fashion and Beauty Apps You Need to Try

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We love all things fashion and beauty, but sometimes we wish there was an easier way to look hot all the time. Turns out, there is. These new fashion and beauty apps do everything from organize your outfits to help you pick out your favorite nail polish shade (oh, and they’re freaking awesome). Download them ASAP.

1) The Glam App
Founded by celebrity hair and make-up artist, Joey Maalouf (whose clients include the likes of Rachel Zoe and Molly Sims) and actress/blogger Cara Santana, this beauty on-demand app is the latest to add to your queue. The Glam App works with a variety of freelance stylists and artists offering hair, nails and makeup services delivered straight to your door. Whether you are looking for an updo, a manicure, or a blowout, you’ll be able to select your own stylist—and request them each time you need an at-home glam session.

2) L’Oreal Makeup Genius
L’Oreal’s new app is a game-changer for any beauty lover. Gone are the days of visiting drugstores or makeup counters to try on countless smudges of different shades—this app has a real-time camera that allows you to virtually try on any beauty product or shade. The camera acts as a mirror and allows you to try on different beauty looks, showing the makeup on your face as you move. With this app you can also try different makeup looks from the red carpet, seen on celebs like Lupita Nyong’o or Jennifer Lopez.

3) Sephora To Go
Sephora’s app is big on content—offering inspiration, hair and makeup how-to’s and shopping. It acts as a beauty-only “Instagram” for users seeking inspiration, tutorials or product reviews. You can sift through other beauty lovers’ posts and findings as well as upload your own. The app also features Sephora TV—how-to videos for hair, beauty, nails and more. Sephora fanatics can also log-in to the Beauty Insider to get rewards and points as well as receive mobile coupons. If you can spend hours shopping in Sephora, you’ll fall in love with this app at first click.

4) Visada
After uploading your selfie, Visada then analyzes your picture to develop a personalized comprehensive beauty profile. The app breaks down an assessment of your skin and eye care, offering up suggestions on how to improve your beauty regimen. For makeup and hair, Visada offers product suggestions in specific colors and shades to help you perfect your beauty routine to a tee.

This app encourages you to take a pic of your entire outfit on a daily basis, tag brands, and share a cute caption to accompany your photo. Need some outfit inspiration? Scroll through existing users’ pages to see what their outfit of the day is.You can even see how many people liked your outfit by their comments or the number of likes it gets and it’s free.

With this app (which works with stores in NYC, San Francisco, LA, Boston, and Tokyo), you can browse for a specific product nearby, say, a white clutch—or snap a pic of a cool pair of pumps, tag its brand, price, and the location you found it, and share it with fellow Snapette shoppers.You can even get a push notification that a retailer nearby is offering a special discount for Snapette users. Score!


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