A dream : part 3

This is the last series. Elite model look is a prestigious international contest. The primary contest is held in the countries. Then the winners from each country would gather to contest in a particular country.

I went for the audition. On getting there, I saw so many girls that were so so tall. At that point I knew I had no chance. But I still had a little faith. Eventually, we were asked to measure our heights before going in for the real auditions.

I wasn’t tall enough. Although I think it’s my fault for not actually checking for the height requirements. I was a little or a lot overwhelmed. I cried a lot. I didn’t cry, because I didn’t get it or something. I cried because I wasn’t even given a chance at all. I didn’t get to figure out my own weaknesses. If I had to practice how to walk more.

Anyways, I am happy I started blogging. Like I said I am still not so good at writing. I am still learning the dos and don’ts of article writing. As for my modeling career, I would surely take care of that later.


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