A dream: part 1 (personal)

Hello! This blog post is really personal, everyone who knows me knows I am not really someone who would talk about my life. I am really reserved maybe even too reserved. I am going to divide it into series so it doesn’t get too long. How was your weekend, mine was, I am not quite sure how to put it, but life goes on.

This is really scary to write, but there’s nothing bad in sharing. Before I started blogging, I felt miserable on the inside. Writing makes happy, keeps me busy and makes me learn a lot. So it’s a 3in1. The first time I thought about blogging was when they started fashion bloggers on E! And I completely fell in love with zanita of the http://zanita.com/ yes! I am in love with her. I first thought that my fantasy person to meet was nicki minaj (her personality is lovely) but now I want to meet zanita, I still have nicki in mind incase anyone is willing to introduce myself to her. Zanita’s works are inspiring I tell you.

Blogging was a joke till I told my boyfriend and best friend (they are two different people) these two people would not leave me alone. Especially Gilbert (boyfriend) . He would call everyday just to ask me this, “what about the blog ” sometimes I just want to kill him. My mom and sisters know this one thing about me, if I want to do something, I would do it when I want to. It’s just me and he too knows that. But he would seriously give anything to see me do something I want. It’s adorable, but annoying.

My ultimate dream is to be a world renowned model. That’s a big dream, which seems almost impossible, especially for someone who isn’t so tall.

I am laying low now, because even finding a good agency is difficult. I have decided to get to a particular age before I start looking for agencies again. But that doesn’t mean if I find a really good one now I won’t go for it. Modeling is my dream and I would tell you why it’s difficult for me to achieve this dream. I knew I wanted to be a model, since I was 8years old. This is the end of my first series, i hope it’s not longer than 3 series, because I certainly have to talk about other things. thanks for reading. On my next series, I would elaborate on why my dream might be a DO OR DIE affair.


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