A dream : part 2

It’s the beginning of a new week, super bowl is a day closer now. I am so full of excitement you know, I can’t wait. Beyonce never let’s us down. Someone asked me to describe my style of writing some days back. I still don’t know to be sincere, I am not a very good writer, I don’t see myself as one. I feel like everyday we learn and grow. I learn everyday and try to improve on my skills. Right now, I am still trying to find my comfort zone.

Earlier I stopped on why it was important for me to become a model. Like I said I knew I wanted to be a model when I was 8years old. In my school in Nigeria, every year, every girl is given the chance to participate in a beauty pageant. My friends also filled the form. So I thought why not. That turned into a big why!

When I was younger, I was a tomboy. Not a tomboy to the core or should I say not physically. I just didn’t really fancy what other girls do. My problem actually began when I applied for the pageant. I thought it was just walking, and smiling. The truth is even at that level, some things that seem easy really aren’t.

I couldn’t walk well (even a fat girl could work better than me), I didn’t even know how to smile the right way, the books used in place of the crown wouldn’t stay on my head. I was so fragile, the books were probably even half my weight. Nothing worked well. I can remember crying a lot.

On the other side, there were really pretty fair girls, who had it all.
An our teacher was a man. He always made me work twice as hard. He shouted at me a lot. He was also a choreographer. I don’t have to tell you I couldn’t follow up with the dance steps either.

At the end of the day, I learned : how to work like a little model, how to smile. To be sincere, It was a really good fake smile (my sister told me that every time) , unfortunately for her it became my actual smile (I faked it till I made it)

This little experience opened me up to a lot of things. Every day I am gonna thank my teacher for pushing the best out of me. I am gonna thank my little self for not quitting. I came 4th out of 25 girls. I cried a lot because I had worked so hard for it , but coming 1st wasn’t so realistic. All those beautiful girls….

We are gonna end on this note today. The next and probably the last one is going to be about my experience at Elite, how I was denied of the first trial after high school, because I wasn’t tall enough.


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