Beauty : basic makeup products / reasons why makeup should not be overly exaggerated.

I recently figured out that people often get stressed, because of their inability to get all beauty products. The truth is everyone wants to look beautiful. We all want to use expensive products with good quality.

A lot of people fail to see that we all have different financial status, some people feed off their parents, some are working in big companies, while some people are just lucky. We end up comparing ourselves to those people.

While watching youtube tutorials and so on, just one person could use like 20 products. This is so true, we end up feeling like we don’t have enough or we need more. I want to fully assure you that there’s no need for this. You shouldn’t compare yourself with nobody especially when it comes to beauty products.

There are thousands of beauty hacks and DIY, why stress yourself? And trust me you look just has good. For me I believe in people who can make the most with the least. You don’t have to use overly expensive makeup products, you can always use cheap ones with good quality and look good.

Drugstore is a very good place for you. My main point is you don’t have to have it all you just need the basics. I once read an article that said your no1 beauty hack is not to take it so seriously.

Seven basic makeup products you need.
Note: you don’t have to have it all

Matte lipstick( any color of your choice)
Setting spray
Beauty blender

Don’t compare! Do it neatly and don’t apply too much.


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