YouTube! Who gets sick of YouTube, there’s always something new, either it’s a make-up trend, celebrity gossip, fashion trends, entertainment news, there’s literally always something new, beautiful girls to spy on, new channels to subscribe to. YouTube is the social site I spend most of my time and money in return for things I wanna know.

I have learned a lot from watching YouTube videos. You never get tired of it, you could just tag something and millions of results would come out. You just end up spending the whole day watching videos.

YouTube isn’t something new, but we definitely learn new things everyday fashion wise and makeup wise. I can’t even count how many make up videos and trends have watched.

So here are 3 makeup /beauty trends I have learned from watching YouTube of recent .

(1) Nude makeup goes better with Bright lipstick

Naturally after doing a really heavy shade eyeshadow, a bright lipstick follows. It’s just natural and I am not saying this is wrong i am just saying a nude eyeshadow goes well with a bright lipstick, because it brings the attention over to your lips, which is actually really cool. A nude makeup by the way isn’t an empty makeup at all. It’s just using a foundation, concealer and eyeshadows that really blends with your face and makes you look really natural. The bright lip makes your makeup look really defined.

(2) Strobing over conturing.

Strobing has really been around for a while but just recently became a trend, it’s just something some people. Did you know that? It’s more easier and less complicated than contouring. It’s just like highlighting your face. It’s wonderful I tell you. Your face literally glows in the highlighted areas. This is definitely something you should try and stick to.

(3) Glittering under eye eyeshadow.

Loving this trend lately ! It makes the under eye eyeshadow look more dramatic and interesting.

Now these are 3 things I learned of recent
Feel free to comment and share the things
You have learned. Thank you.


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