Hello! It’s Friday, hurray! Even if we know Monday is so close, we still crave the weekend anyways. As we all know culotte appears infront of a few things : culotte gowns, culotte jackets and so on. We never get tired of hearing it. All eyes are now on the culotte trousers (at least my eyes are) . It can be worn for anything and with anything or the other way around.

Culotte trousers are simple three quarter trousers often with loose and wide ends. Some years ago, I would have never worn this nor advised anyone to do so, I love when clothes are fitted. Not anymore though, the world works in a new dimension now, and all we can do is work with it or we would be stuck probably in a 5years back trend. CULOTTE TROUSER IS THE NEW SKINNIES (been sitting on that for a while, just had to say it)

I found 12 stylish ways to pair this trend fabulously and also found out 3 new things.

(1) pairing it with a LEATHER JACKET turns the entire look around, CASUAL BUT CLASSY.
(2) ALL BLACK for an INTERVIEW or to the OFFICE .
(3) ACCESSORIES like HATS and SHADES are really important.



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