My must haves and must do.

# Earrings.

A lot of people don’t know the necessity of accessories, most especially EARRINGS. Some religions, homes, family and so on restrict women from wearing earrings. This to me is ABSURD. Earrings aren’t only a set of accessories, but something very important. It’s amazing how much difference just a pair of earrings could make.

# Moisturize your face before applying makeup

It’s really important to moisturize your face before makeup, it’s easier to blend.

# Emergency kit.

Saving the best for last. An emergency kit is important. You never know how much you need something until you need it and can’t find it anywhere. I and my sister were bridesmaids for a family friends wedding, and we decided not to take the makeup kits. It was too much load and we were told there was gonna be a make up artist, until there wasn’t and we were stranded. Imagine a bridesmaid without makeup. Yes! Horrible day. We borrowed eventually, but…

5 Things you need in an emergency kit. (not too much)

# Eyeliner

I hated this once simply because I couldn’t apply it well, I just mess up my whole makeup every time but I got used to it and I can’t do without it now. It is the “eye magic”

# Facial Cleanser

You must be thinking, why should this be important (since it’s an emergency kit) the thing is sometimes you just wanna clean something little without making a mess. You can also wanna clean the whole make up, where there isn’t water or soap. So it’s important my dear.

# Lipstick

# nude : don’t want to apply something to bright, something that blends and looks natural.

# bold and bright : there’s always a need to apply color on your lips, trust me.

# Spray, perfume, and roll on.

Do I even have to say why this is important. IT IS! Don’t just look good, smell really good too.

# Foundation.

A house with no foundation is a waste of resources, a makeup without foundation is a waste of MAKEUP. Don’t waste your time. So it’s essential.

I hope you learned something. Thanks for reading.


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