DARK SKY (editorial)

Hello! I haven’t written any articles in a while. A little busy, exams are coming up. So I actually discovered have been changing my theme a lot. I am really sorry about that, it’s just that I have a really short attention span towards things. ” It just always gets old. ” I love experimenting and trying new things.

There’s so much to write about! While preparing for that. I just wanna share a few pictures with everyone of myself. Mostly in black and white. I really love pictures in black and white, I feel like it brings out this whole new view and meaning to the picture.

Dark sky. I listen to loads of music, especially rap. Music is a part of me, it helps a lot. Also I can rap. I am dead serious, no one believes me, but I can at least I believe I can. Dark sky (skyscrapers) is a song by Big Sean, his 2015 album ” dark sky paradise. ” if you ever listened to the song, you would know why I used it as a title. It’s a great song really. The pictures aren’t that great though (lol). (first time)

Hiya! The week is almost over. It was just like Sunday yesterday. I don’t even understand why it’s going so fast but I love it.


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