Main Characters

Who is the main character?

This happens to be my 10th post 2016, yes! I am counting. I thought about writing something, I am not so used too.

A main character is someone that plays a major role in a prose or drama right? The question now is, are you the main character in your own story.

It’s a weird question, because it’s your life, who else could be the main character, but since the world is a little bit or a lot more bias, a lot of people are main characters in other people’s stories. A lot of people end up being the minor/supporting characters in their story.

You are probably wondering why this happens, it’s just simply because they think too little of themselves. They end up living their lives imitating others.

Don’t get me wrong, you can totally imitate people, but you have to learn from them at the same time. Simple tip to becoming your main character, always know that you’re MORETHAN, what you think you are. Live for yourself

Sorry about the long story though, being a main character in the fashion industry means stealing the spotlight.

5 tips and celebrities to learn from on STEALING THE SPOTLIGHT.

. As confident as Jennifer Lawrence (joy)

. Show enough skin like Jennifer Lopez

. Take fashion risks like Emma Stone

. Sexy pictures during workout like Khloe Kardashian

. Simple but flawless like zanita.

Take your time to EVOLVE.


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