Pantone colour of the Year Closet mustHAVE (Serenity and Rose Quartz)

The pantone colour of the year was announced December 2015. Two colours were chosen, it’s the first time two colours would be chosen as the colour(s) of the year. The two colours are rose quartz and serenity. Two beautiful warm and bright colours. Rose quarts has a baby pink shade, while serenity is more of a powder blue. Different colours have been previously chosen by the colour gods, Marsala in 2015, radiant orchid in 2014, emerald in 2013 and so on. I am just going to briefly tell you what you need to fill your closet with this year.

1) Makeup
Yes! Makeup, you can always use your normal makeup, you definitely don’t have to use this for the whole year or at all. Just to change things up in your makeup kit and follow the colour trend.

ROSE QUARTZ : This is an urban decay naked 3 eyeshadow palette. I chose this because it has great quality. It’s NAKED so you should expect nothing less also, because it has more than 5 shades of pink . So there are lots of options for you.

SERENITY : This is a dior blue lagoon eyeshadow palette. It has five shades of blue. It’s dior so I don’t have to tell you it has great quality and the shades are really nice with a really dark one in the middle if you want your makeup to go a little bit or a lot more edgy.

Of course you need brushes for your makeup and also you could use any type you want but if you decide you want to follow the trend this are really beautiful ones. In serenity and rose quarts.

Here I wasn’t too sure which to use. The trend now are matte lip kits and gush! They are so many with good qualities I would want you to try. I ended up with two, which are colour pop and Kylie jenner’s lip kit. They are two beautiful lip kits but since I was going for something that’s pink like and matches the rose quartz, I had to choose colour pop ultra matte in CLUELESS, I was going to go for Kylie jenner’s lip kit in CANDY K, but I realized candy k has a little bit darker shade than clueless. So you should definitely go for that since we’re dealing with rose quartz.

Here I just went for colour pop ultra matte in JELLIES, beautiful colour, nice blue shade. Really cool. You need to try it.

You don’t have to buy this exact ones, if you want to follow the trend just get a beautiful pink or blue wristwatch that’s stylish and nice. I just really think a lot of girls would totally rock this. They should.

These are all so beautiful you should have all of this, if you want to follow the colour trend. Both in serenity and rose quartz. I am not really a lover of pink, have always felt it’s too girly. I am positive some other girls feel that way to, but these shirts make me wanna buy them all. They would look good on everybody. Super lovely, you need to get them.

This is my favorite part. Talking about covering up stylishly, this never gets old. This looks good on everyone. Trust me, it does. It makes you look classy. I feel it’s one of the things to add to make a cheap outfit look expensive. If you don’t have one yet, get it either in serenity or rose quartz or both.



The colour gods really thought this through. Both colours are really cool when it comes to shoes, because they have bright shades ,which are really attractive.

If you read my first post, I think I mentioned that I am a big fan of bags. Did I? I think I did. Anyway I am a very big fan of bags. I love bags. This isn’t about me though, it’s about you guys and what you need, but I hope you are all fans too. These colours are cray and dope when it comes to bags too. Is it just me or are these colours great with everything?

It’s not winter yet, but you should always plan ahead. Gloves are cute, I believe we all know that. This isn’t much of a big deal but if you wanna follow the trend, you need this we all do.

This is definitely what every girl needs. Both in serenity and rose quartz I am not requesting for you to get it, I am demanding that you get it. Get it now and thank me later.

I feel these colours in phone cases really portrays feminism. Only females would use these colours obviously only if the guy is gay. Anyway these colours on pouchs are beautiful. Also, not just cause the pictures are iPhone pouchs doesn’t mean it’s only iPhone it’s applicable to androids too.

One thing everyone should know is that when it comes to necklaces, earrings and rings rose quartz and serenity make really beautiful piece. It’s so so nice. Super awesome !!! You need this, you absolutely do.





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